The Reasons Why…

I go for my mother, lover of the outdoors, of the heights and meadows and flowers and lakes. For places she will never see, if but through my eyes. She asked me early on, “when will I see Tuolumne in winter?” My stride is for her.

I go for my father, so strong yet soft of heart, who taught me to be independent and to stand on my own. Who is terrified for his little girl but wants nothing more than for her to find a passion of her own to lift her high. My deep breath is for him.

I go for my friends, who do me the honor of sharing their love and hearts with me. Who indulge my writing and photos and bring encouragement in difficult times. On whose shoulders I lean while the hardest lessons of life are being taught. My reach is for all of you.

I go for the skies above, from the deepest of azure blue to darkened grey and rumbling, standing vast and unreachable yet gently embracing me as I reach for the heavens from every stance. My vision is for that.

I go for the mountains themselves. Those towers of scree and rock, trees and flowers, running water erupting from springs and tumbling on its happy journey. Providing challenge, humbling my efforts as needed, but welcoming me to their shoulders to play and wonder and dig deep within myself to learn the greatest lessons of all. My heart beats for that.

I go for my soul, that wellspring of confidence and arrogance, that which cannot be quelled by pettiness, bitterness, or jealousy on the part of others. That spirit that keeps my mind focused on what I need to achieve, that keeps my feet lifting and lowering after hours of effort. Finding the strength within that I never knew I had until experiencing cowardice and knowing I never wanted that in my life.

There is a phoenix in us all, waiting, deep in the ashes of our lost expectations, to rise in fury and glory and fire, and lift us into the next chapters of our lives. We each have a choice to bring this star to life, to reach deep within ourselves and experience the supernova of our souls in this time, this place. So many choose to let life pass, each moment floating and fleeting and missed for their opportunities.

I choose to fly.


2 Responses to “The Reasons Why…”

  1. Your thoughts and TRs are inspirational.

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