A Very Moosie Christmas

Originally posted on the WPSMB on 12-27-08

Dear readers and friends:

2008 was a phenomenal year. When I moved to Bishop I had no idea what was in store, that I could actually pull off climbing every weekend, or to reach some of the places I did. I am blessed not only to be able to hike and climb to these heights, but also to share them with you every week. My continued thanks to the moderators for allowing me to post my adventures.

I am surrounded by the best people in the world, and I can’t thank them enough for all they have taught me. There are so many places, both here and around the world, that I have left to see and experience myself. Earlene once asked, “You make everything a celebration, don’t you?” Well, if it’s celebrating life every morning, then, yes. I’ve found a home at last.

All the best in the New Year, and I hope the next 20 minutes or so provides you with some inspiration for your next year!

A Very Moosie Christmas, 2008 from Laura Molnar on Vimeo.

From the luckiest girl in the world: Climb Hard, Be Safe.

Love and great big Moosie hugs,


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