White Mountain… well almost.

Originally posted on the WPSMB on 12-12-06

Twas the night after J-tree, I had unloaded my car,
And I thought, “Have I got plans for the weekend so far?”
So I e-mailed my friends and said “Whadda you know?
How about we cruise the LA Car Show?”

Sarah shot me a note back, said “I’ve got an id-ee;
Let’s hike 14,000 feet above the sea!”
I’m leaving for Kili in one good weeks’ time,
And I need some more altitude to handle the climb!”

So the goal was White Mountain, wouldn’t you know,
It seemed to be one of the peaks without snow.
After Friday night’s dinner, we hit the road roaring,
Up to Grandview Campground we were the only ones soaring.

We arrived after midnight, tired and ready for bed,
So I set up the truck to make our comfy bed.
Our energy was soaring as we thought of the next day,
And we knew it was time to just hit the hay.

When out of the darkness there arose such as clatter,
Sarah sprang from the bathroom to see what was the matter.
“What’s the issue?” I said, calmly standing my ground.
“It’s just the blower for the mattress so we don’t sleep on the ground!”

Up at 6 the next morning, ice inside the whole car,
The sun was just peeking above the east horizon so far.
No red sky to be wary of, no wind was a blowin’,
We headed up the road with the iPod a crowin’.

Finally at the trailhead, my truck’s never been up so high.
We got our gear together, and I said with a sigh:
“It makes me so happy! It’s so good for my heart,
To know that we’re getting a good Piotrowski start!!” [8 a.m.]

One hour to the station, we munched our mango,
And saw someone trudging above us, bent to the wind like a bow.
Over ridge and down saddle, we walked without care,
Except that I was fighting for a big gulp of air!

At 13.2K we looked up at the peak,,
And saw that old jeep trail wind DOWN under our feet.
“That’s not fair!” said good Sarah, as she got me some gloves,
“This mountain is tougher as push comes to shove!”

And with that, I realized she wasn’t behind me,
I turned to see the wind blow her backwards 12 feet!
“Between the wind and the climb, I’m not liking the scene,
Let’s head back to the car!” she said and I beamed!

We trudged back along the jeep trail up so high,
The whole time loving the sharpness of the brilliant blue sky.
After getting back to the car, our stomach’s were rumbling,
So along with cold champagne, we sent the trail mix tumbling!

An amazing day was had, even though we turned back.
It’s not every December that one gets a crack
At a mountain so magnificent. I know we’ll be back,
To trudge to the top along that lonely jeep track!

And so we proclaimed as we drove down the hill:
“Merry Christmas, White Mountain, and thanks for the thrill!!”


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