First Solo Skate, 11/16/13

I crouch.

Gingerly balanced on steel blades,

Poised to leap, arms rigid at my sides,

Teeth clench as I listen and feel,

Waiting for the ice to crack.

I whimper.

Tentative steps away from shore,

Blades never losing contact.

Each puff of breeze throws me.

Mountains stare down in silence.

I glide.

Patterns beneath my feet swirl.

Ripples shining in the last sun.

Reflections of broken rock in an infinity pool.

Gusts sweep the shavings into long feathers.

All is quiet, save for the wind

And the grumbling roar of the shifting lake.

It doesn’t mind me.

I tuck into the far wall, waiting with mischievous eyes.

The air builds on the ridgelines,

Dives in a rush.

Pushing off my toes, strong legs drive.

Laughter bounces around the cirque.

The wind and I in a desperate race to the opposite shore.

My arms raise.

I fly.


18 Responses to “First Solo Skate, 11/16/13”

  1. VERY VERY glad you are back!!! xo ❤ 😉

  2. As usual a magnificent piece of writing. Not sure which are best your writings or photographs. I miss your Facebook postings.

  3. Tony Condon Says:

    At last. Thank you for the brilliant images.

  4. The visual is so real… Beautifully written. One day, I will skate amongst those peaks of granite. Thank you for bringing me one step closer. ❤

  5. Love it!
    Miss you on FB too.

  6. Julie Robin Says:

    Awesome! Glad to see a post form you…I live vicariously through your adventures! Date: Mon, 18 Nov 2013 04:10:07 +0000 To:

  7. Beautiful! I am happy to see you back.

  8. John Reenan Says:

    Thank you Laura! Glad to hear you are still doing Epic Shit!

  9. Ridgeline Dave Says:

    Love the feeling of a first skate. It also reads as well from bot to top! maybe I’m dyslexic.

  10. Beautifully written.. as you have such gift for putting down the most wonderful words into beautiful descriptions..Thank you Laura…My friend went ice skating on Frog Lake/Carson Pass area..the other day..

    • Thanks, Anita! It was such a magical and special experience to skate out there by myself. Just another way these mountains teach me their lessons a little bit at a time.

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